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"Hello Summer!" Door Hanger Sign: A Burst of Sunshine for Your Doorstep

"Hello Summer!" Door Hanger Sign: A Burst of Sunshine for Your Doorstep

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When the mercury rises, greet it head-on with our "Hello Summer!" Door Hanger Sign. This is not just a sign; it's a sunny disposition in wood form, ready to hang on your door and spread summertime joy. With its radiant sun centerpiece and a bouquet of vibrant flowers, it's like a permanent patch of sunshine that never fades, thanks to its trusty UV coating.

With our "Hello Summer!" sign, you're not just decorating your door; you're opening a gateway to the season of sunshine, pool parties, and endless fun. Let this sign be the first thing that catches the eye and the last thing they forget as they leave your summer soiree.

May your doorstep be the brightest spot on the street with this sign that just can't help but celebrate the season!


  • Height: A statement-making 18.75 inches of summer celebration.
  • Width: 10.75 inches, the perfect span to complement your door without overwhelming it.

Perfect For:

  • Those who want to make every visitor feel like they're walking into the best summer party of the season.
  • Anyone who wants to serve up major curb appeal alongside their lemonade.

Handcrafted Uniqueness: Each sign is as special as a summer's day, hand-painted with a personal touch. Like snowflakes or beach sand grains, no two signs are identical, giving your decor an exclusive edge.

UV Coated Brilliance: Our UV protective layer is like the top-notch sunscreen for your sign, warding off the sun's playful yet potentially harmful rays. It ensures the colors stay as dazzling as a July 4th fireworks display.

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