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"Hello Fall!" Door Hanger Sign: A cornucopia of Charm

"Hello Fall!" Door Hanger Sign: A cornucopia of Charm

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Embrace the season of cozy with our "Hello Fall" sign, a handcrafted beacon of harvest hues that promises to make your door the talk of the pumpkin patch. This isn't just any sign; it's a hand-painted homage to the heart of fall, featuring a plump pumpkin, a sunflower in full bloom, and leaves that are turning the colors of a slow sunset.

With our "Hello Fall" sign hanging on your door, you're not just marking the season; you're celebrating everything that makes fall a time to fall in love with all over again – from the rustle of leaves to the whisper of sweater weather on the breeze.

Hang this sign and watch the essence of autumn unfold right on your very doorstep. 


  • Height: An eye-catching 18.75 inches of fall festivity.
  • Width: A perfect 10.75 inches, because fall is all about balance – like a perfectly spiced latte.

Perfect For:

  • Greeting your guests with a swirl of autumn magic and a dash of "Wow, you really go all out for fall, don't you?"
  • Those Instagram-worthy porch setups that make every passerby wish they were sipping cider on your stoop.

Handcrafted Hue Disclaimer: Each sign is a labor of love, painted by hand, ensuring that no two are exactly the same. Your piece will be as unique as the pattern of a leaf floating down to your boots.

UV Coated for Longevity: We've slathered this baby in a UV coating, tougher than a scarecrow in a windstorm. It's your sign's invisible armor against the sun's relentless gaze, keeping the colors as vivid as the day you hang it up.

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